LAS File Utility

System works across multiple Log ASCII Standard (LAS) files in a single pass. Functions include:

  1. Editing LAS Header Well block data – such as Well Name, Service Company, Client, Location etc
  2. Converting LAS version 1.2 to Las version 2.0 and vice versa
  3. Converting Wrapped Las data to non-Wrapped and vice versa
  4. Changing the start depth, stop depth and step interval in Las files
  5. Converting depths in feet to metres and vice versa
  6. Ability to reverse depth sequence in file
  7. Modifying Date field such as converting from American MM/DD/YYYY format to DD/MM/YYYY or vice versa
  8. Modify Null value eg zero null value needs to be changed
  9. Automatically converting all non-numerics in the data section to Nulls 
  10. Locating and fixing non LAS Standard format issues such as inclusion of Tab characters and Unix end of line markers
  11. Displaying which Curves are in which files
  12. Renaming the curve name or their units across multiple files
  13. Displaying for each curve in the file the depths of its first and last non-null value and how many null values exist between these two depths
  14. Where the same variable appears multiple times in a file with the same units merging the multiple instances into a single instance
  15. Deleting curves from each file
  16. Filtering curves
  17. Importing and exporting data in .csv and .las format. It can thus be used to convert .las format to .csv and vice versa

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    Note:  when editing LAS files initially a backup copy of the original file is created such that this data is still preserved.