We specialize in enhancing the reliability of coal exploration from initial field data collection to final resource estimation ready for mine design and planning prior to development.

Our data collection and management software LogCheck is one of the most modern and user friendly packages in the market today.

We have been actively involved in the creation of the CoalLog coding system which is widely accepted in the Australian region as the key standard in the industry. LogCheck graphical output sets the standard for output formats in the industry today.

GeoCheck Consulting Services specialise in exploration design, data capture and management, coal quality evaluation, JORC code resources reporting (as well as Canadian NI 43-101, SAMRec and other standard reporting codes) and geostatistical evaluation and due diligence.

We can manage the whole process for you from identification of potential coal resource areas right through to final mine design ready for development.

GeoCheck offices are located in NSW, Queensland and Jakarta.

GeoCheck staff have extensive experience in and with both large and small corporations covering extensive regions of both New South Wales and Queensland in Australia as well as a large exposure to most of the key producing coal basins globally.